Music occupies a central place in Lutheran worship.  Our choir, cantors, and praise band lead the congregation in song as we praise God through music. There are opportunities to participate in music and lead, such as our praise band, cantors, and the choir. For more information talk to our Organist, Christopher Drummond, or our Band Leader, Russell Angelico


Parish Choir and Cantors

The 2022- 2023 LMC Choir season is under way! If you have been thinking about becoming a part of the music ministry at LMC in this way, this is the year to do it! The choir sings at least twice a month for the 9am service, as well as for special services throughout the year. Rehearsals are scheduled for either Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings. The choir also warms up 45 minutes prior to the service.

LMC is also led in song by our team of cantors on alternate Sundays for the 9am service when the choir is not scheduled to sing. New cantors are welcome. Extensive experience is not required, although note reading ability is important. Please talk to our organist for more information. 


Praise Band
The band is a talented group of musicians who lead the music during our 11:00 a.m. service. Playing both free arrangements of traditional hymns and contemporary Christian favorites, with an occasional original composition, the Praise Band encourages everyone to sing along as the spirit moves them.